Our customer follow-up services are relied upon by businesses nationwide to help them turn one-time customers into satisfied, repeat clients. We do all the work, you get all the credit! Here's how it works:

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  1. After the sale, you provide contact information for your new customers to Smitty's, via secure electronic transmission.
  2. We send out a special gift of award-winning gourmet fudge or huckleberry taffy to your customer, along with thank-you and response cards specially designed for your business to request detailed feedback.
  3. Your customers will send in the response card, or go online to register their feedback, describing in their own words the level of service they received. Your customers become your own business consultants!
  4. You may choose to have response cards sent directly to your business, or to our facility where they will be processed electronically and emailed to you.
  5. We provide online tools for tracking overall customer satisfaction and the ability to compare your store with industry averages.
  6. Customers will mark "yes!" to the question, "Would you refer us to others?" inviting you to follow up with them personally, and connect with referrals they suggest to generate new business.

Learn about the power of satisfied customers in this article (published by Fortune Small Business Magazine), and read what our clients say about Smitty's services.